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You want fitter teams,
and better products.

Product as a team sport

We work with people across many disciplines in your organisation, with a mission to create a culture of collaboration that helps teams to win.

On site or remote

Getting on the ground with teams tends to accelerate progress. Working remotely sustains improvement over the long term. We encourage and support both.

A little bit, or a lot

A few days, or a few months. Just enough to steer you right, or rolled-sleeves in the trenches. You decide, we’re flexible.

Product management consulting

Whether you’re wasting money on the wrong solutions, practicing lean/agile methods but not achieving the desired results, or having trouble integrating strategy, design, and engineering—we can help.

Workshops and teaching

We’re dedicated learners with lots of experience designing and delivering training that kickstarts improvement. We’re practitioners first—all teaching is based on doing the work, not just thinking about the work.

Coaching for teams and individuals

Theory is fun for pontificators, but results come from better practise not best practice. We’re proudly uncertified, and believe in starting where you are, aiming for the next goal, and prioritising progress over perfection.

Speaking engagements

Jonny is available for paid speaking engagements at your event. Whether it’s keynoting a global conference or a casual Learning at Lunch with your team, there’s a solution to fit your need. And, if it’s organised by a not-for-profit community, or for an under-represented group—it will be free too.

Let’s work together

Talk to us about what you need and how we can help.

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