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Helping you get better all the time

Coaching teams and organisations

Developing products is hard, and teams need help in a range of ways to improve how they innovate. Team coaching helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses, provide a way forward, and give you the support needed to accelerate progress.

Not sure where to start? We recommend the following…

Fitness check for
product teams

Start with a fast and affordable diagnostic, for finding biggest opportunities for improvement.

Backlog of possible

Get a summary of recommended interventions to kickstart the change.

Coach the change

Implement your improvement roadmap with expert coaching and regular checks to assess progress and adjust plans.

Popular areas of focus include

Systems of Work

  • Product-oriented structure
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Product delivery lifecycle
  • How Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile work together
  • Managing flow to optimise value

Product leadership

  • Customer oriented strategy
  • Technology enabled business agility
  • Strategic clarity and purpose-aligned autonomous teams
  • Value-based portfolio management
  • Learning and adapting over analysing and predicting


  • Continuous discovery
  • Rapid experimentation
  • Outcome-oriented roadmapping
  • Effective cross-functional collaboration
  • Managing customer and product risk
  • Navigating uncertainty and putting failure to work

Coaching individuals

You feel stuck, and need a little help from outside your team or organisation to find a path forward. Personal coaching is structured around your needs, goals, and situation. You in control and can focus the coaching on areas that matter most to you. Use it when you:

  • Want to move past unsolvable challenges
  • Need to vent your spleen about a tricky stakeholder, colleague, or organisation problem
  • Need advice to improve your skills or develop your career
  • Want some tactical help with a specific task.

Coaching helps you dive deeper to understand problems, and get practical advice to help you move forward to achieve your goals.

What people say

You have completely changed my mindset. I’ve learned more in the last 9 months working with you than I’ve learned in several years before that. Thank you for everything.

Nat Abood, Product Owner, Origin Energy

I brought in Jonny to build a high-quality digital product development practice. In six short months Jonny had successfully built a new working cadence for the team, coached team members on how to perform Product Manager roles well, and delivered a tonne of technical expertise to me and the team that made us better than we could have been without him.

Kirsty Crowley, General Manager Digital, Origin Energy

I found on the days that you weren’t around, we really felt like we wanted you around. The way that you make sense of things, and drive the conversation forward is excellent. Your leadership really helped everyone.

Nick Davies, Senior Manager, Orica

Jonny is a person I seek out to collaborate with and learn from. He really understands the reasons why and ways of thinking behind the actions, which results in lasting change for the teams he works with.

He’s my example of a thought leader in culture change.

Colleague at Amazon

Jonny has been instrumental in uplifting the team’s product capability and mindset. He’d be considered top talent in any company, is motivated and genuinely cares about the result. We always felt that we got the best of the best when working with Jonny and his team.

Jasper Streit, Executive Manager Product and Architecture, IAG

Jonny was an amazing product innovation coach, both in helping us implement a new way of working but also as a generalist, helping us understand how to solve problems better, work more eectively as a team, and lean into a growth mindset

Anonymous feedback

I’ve always worked and learned better when people lead by letting me work something out on my own, and then offer guidance or helpful recommendations. You did just that. I learned heaps from working with you!

Erica Pozzey, Product Manager, Genie Solutions